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Hiring a personal shopper can mean two things, one, you don’t have time to shop or style yourself or two, you just don’t know how to shop for and style yourself. Well that is what we awesome Fashion Stylists are here for in this day and age. Today’s post will highlight some key pieces every woman and girl should have in that closet of hers. Hope you have your pen and paper? Oh! and sharpener because you are in for a ride, lets begin!

So when you’re preparing for the day, like every lady you open the doors to your wardrobe and the first thing you utter is “I have nothing to wear”. But in many cases this is true for most women because they don’t have the basic wear every lady should have in their closets. Lets start with, my favorite, shoes. Whether you’re fashionably late, extremely earlier or always on time build your wardrobe to have a basic pair of black pumps. When in doubt, choose black. I can’t even count how many times a basic pair of black heels saved my life as I headed out with the girls and had nothing to wear.

Okay so we have our black pumps, now Bottoms. May not be that surprising but you’ll be surprised of how many women DO NOT own this piece..

Yes! A pair of skinny denim jeans, not straight leg not bootcut, but skinny jeans. A pair of these that hit you in all the right places with your favorite tee and cute hobo bag and a high stylish ponytail, can be one of the cutest outfits to ever walk the face of this earth. Its appropriate, quick and you can dress them up or down.

Moving on. Ready? An oversized tee. Yes ladies, they work and they can be paired with leggings, shorts,with the right body size even a dress. No offense but learning your body type has to definitely be a topic one of these days. An oversized tee resembles that your style can’t be defined and that even if Forever21 sent me a size bigger, I can still rock it. Invest in one ladies its such a trending piece to have that many women are looking over these days.

As always you see celebrities rocking this next piece for obvious reasons, they either got into a huge fight with Muhammad Ali or they won’t let the paparazzi’s catch the awful makeup the artist just finished and thought was nice. Whatever the reason keep a pair of stylish sunglasses. It defines confidence, H&M has really cute ones for about $7 bucks, buy, keep, make it work. By the way Solange is always rocking some sexy, stylish sunglasses.

Last but not least keep an accent piece of Jewelry. Whether it’s a huge pair of earrings, an exaggerated necklace or a statement bracelet. Accessories are my absolute favorite and with the most boring outfit it can change it tremendously.

So there it is ladies, if you have these 5 useful wardrobe pieces you have successfully built a basic wardrobe. This doesn’t mean stop building your wardrobe but with these wardrobe necessities you can’t go wrong. Okay readers, I’m out!